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Eat Intentional.

Grayson Hampson wants to help people slow down and gather again. She also thinks your family can eat well and still experience a warm and comforting family-style supper. That’s why she founded Petal and Plate.

Petal and Plate delivers home cooked meals with a fresh floral arrangement to your home. Whether it’s for a date night, a way to care for yourself, a special occasion, given as a gift, or because you and your family deserve a quiet night together, our organic plates are guaranteed to bring people back to the dinner table.

What We Do
Homemade. Handpicked.
Pantry Program
Give Back.

Today some elementary schools send kids home with food to ensure they eat over the weekend. We think food insecurity is unacceptable in a nation as rich as ours. We also believe if a child relies on donations they should still go home with something homemade in addition to the canned foods that are so vital. That’s why we donate 50 loaves of fresh bread to one elementary pantry program each month. This bread adds some freshness and love to a package that already means so much. By supporting Petal and Plate, you’re supporting our mission of spreading essential nutrition and comfort to those in need.

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